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A news addict, interested in journalism, good writing and trends in newspapers.

A former reporter, I now work as a copy and design editor. I can - and do - seed and comment on articles about journalism, journalists and ethics governing them, freedom of expression, and censorship. However, my writings on Newsvine have to be limited to "musings of a personal nature".

Appreciate good design in all things, but especially newspapers and news web sites, and am interested in art and architecture (Eileen Gray is my latest idol).

Avid reader, of everything from biographies and "good literature" to crime novels and sci-fi. In a pinch, I will read anything - even the labels on the shampoo bottle while I am in the bath. However, I absolutely despise motivational or self-help books,and would burn them all if I could as they take up valuable rack space in bookshops and libraries. Favourite author is Henry James, but also like Edith Wharton, the Brontes, and Eliot Pattison (his trilogy The Skull Mantra, Bone Mountain, and Water Touching Stone is excellent)

Film buff, with eclectic tastes, from European art movies to thrillers with a high body count. Always go to movies with lots of tissues and sunglasses as I am a hard shell with a soft centre and am easily moved to tears.

Love being home, feathering my nest, tending my garden and entertaining my friends and family, when I am not travelling, which I do quite a bit and enjoy.

Some of my favourite articles on Newsvine:

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